Hi! I'm Pau _

Passionate software engineer, embracing coding and eager to explore. Curious, dedicated, and constantly seeking new opportunities for growth and learning.

Professional Work Experience

These are the companies I have worked for.


Jun 2020 - Present

Led full lifecycle development of a website, prioritizing technical implementation. Created and optimized an API for seamless system communication and efficient data handling. Designed user-friendly front-end interface to improve usability. Streamlined database structure for optimal storage and retrieval. Collaborated with co-founder to align business objectives with technical strategies.

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Jun 2017 - Jul 2020

Streamlined internal processes through web and desktop applications, enhancing efficiency. Created user-friendly solutions to optimize workflow. Collaborated with cross-functional teams, effectively translating business requirements into successful software implementations.

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E·tic Consulting

Jun 2016 - Jul 2017

Built and maintained secure web applications adhering to industry standards. Developed scalable solutions to ensure optimal performance and user satisfaction. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to analyze requirements, resulting in the delivery of innovative web applications.

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Ribé Salat

Oct 2015 - Jun 2016

Developed and maintained efficient web and desktop applications, streamlining internal processes and improving operations. Implemented and managed web and desktop applications to enhance user-friendliness of internal systems, contributing to streamlined processes. Played a key role in improving internal operations through the development and maintenance of effective web and desktop applications, resulting in higher levels of efficiency.

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Oct 2013 - Oct 2015

Efficiently implemented and maintained web and mobile applications, ensuring smooth operation. Streamlined processes through the development and management of these applications. Provided ongoing maintenance and support to ensure the seamless functioning of web and mobile applications.

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About me

Picture of Pau

I am an individual who thrives on staying updated and constantly seeks out new technologies to explore. My passion for learning extends beyond the technological realm and encompasses personal growth as well. With a deep appreciation for staying current in an ever-changing world, I eagerly embrace opportunities to expand my horizons. Whether it's diving into the latest advancements in technology or embarking on a journey of self-improvement.